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  • This slime kit contains many props packs. Various accessories: candy chips, glitter tubes, fish peas, foam balls, and sponge cubes. 5 cans of slime: 1 can of pink, purple, and blue mixed cotton slime, 4 cans of transparent slime glue, transparent slime can be mixed with foam crunchy slime, glimmer tubes slime, fish beans slime, and butter slime
  • Unicorn color foam for Crunchy slime with charm, squeeze it, twist it, smash it, It can be used to relieve stress and relieve anxiety, great for kids to play with!
  • Unicorn color glitter tubes for Glimmer Crunchy Slime, squeeze it, twist it, smash it with noise, very funny and relieve stress!
  • Unicorn color candy confetti scrap with sponge cubes can be jelly cubes slime and unicorn candy slime, colorfully, full DIY for kids
  • Unicorn colors butter slime is super soft, Stress Relief, and develops children's ability to handmake and imagine