• Diy slime art craft kit charms is prefect stress relief toy for boy and girl! Whether you're look for gift for sensory play, slime party favor, holiday fun or Halloween present, the mystery slime package surely hit your child!
  • Homemade clear slime box help unleash child's creativity and imagination, develope their motor and hands-on skill! Benefit to intellectual, color recognition and other abilities. Adult can play too!
  • Pre-made slime making kit are washable, reusable, safe and didn’t contain borax powder. Quality-tested non-toxic formulas are 100% safe for kid and adults. Recommend for children 5 and ups.
  • Slime Kit contains 1. 10-Color Crystal Slime 2. 1 Pack Of Clay 3. Straws *2 4. Fruit Mold *9



Slime-making package:
10-Color Crystal Mud & Slime Set:
1. 10-Color Crystal Mud
2. 1 Pack Of Clay
3. Straws *2
4. Fruit Mold *9

Blow Slime Bubble:
Slime Making Kit includes 2 straws which you can use to make bubbles with your little friends, blow slime bubbles together, who will get the bigger?