• ✨ Unique design fidget toys - Infinite cube can be switched between Rubix Cube and Star Cube repeatedly by turning over and over. Its built-in 8 magnets make it click every time it deforms. This click turns into beautiful music with the flipping rhythm, which makes players feel happy and easier to concentrate.
  • ✨ Cool-looking fidget cube - Fidget cubes uses sturdy and comfortable high-quality stickers. The space-themed paintings on it make it look cool and cute. We are sure that magic cube can capture the hearts of people of different ages. However, we recommend that children under 3 years old should play under the guardianship of an adult.
  • ✨ Change the wrong habit - Fidget cube toy can help you get rid of bad habits such as leg shaking, smoking, nail biting, etc., so that you can relieve anxiety without affecting others, improve concentration, even improve finger flexibility and exercise right brain!
  • ✨ Play fidget rubix cube anytime - When you are waiting or queuing, when you need to concentrate but can't do it, when your child is fidgeting and likes noisy, star rubix cube is your best choice! Rubix cube fidget toy can keep you and your child's hands and brain busy, reducing dependence on mobile phones.
  • ✨ Perfect gift for everyone - Star cube fidget toy can be used not only to kill time, but also a cool desktop ornament. This is really a very good birthday and Christmas gift for family, friends, classmates, colleagues. Can you imagine how pleasant they were when they received this gift? Please don't hesitate, that's it!
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kindersee infinite cube, a good toy for every member of your family.

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Galaxy infinity cube

Our infinite cube adopts a unique design, which can switch wirelessly between the two forms, keeping your hands busy and releasing stress.

Easy to carry

The size of our star fidget cube is 1.1*2.24*4.56in, which can be easily put into your pocket. Take it with you and play as you want!

Attract children's attention

Our figet cube toys are good playmates for children with ADHD, keep them away from mobile phones and tablet screens!

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