1. Material: high quality food grade Abs material
2. Bake 49 skewers in a few seconds.
3. Simplify and reduce the trouble of cutting individual parts and inserting them into skewers.
4. Can be used with meat, fruits or vegetables. Easy to use and clean.
5. Widely used, not only can be used with meat, but also can cook fruits or vegetables.
Material: Food grade ABS plastic
Color: blue, green
Applications: commercial, home
Barbecue size: not less than 25cm
Features: The tradition of eliminating annoyances, putting on hollows together, opening the box is 49 strings.
Note: This product does not have a grill plate and a knife.
Steps for usage:
1. First use the meat filler cover to cut out the size of the meat punch.
2. Place the cut pieces of meat in a piece of meat about 8 cm thick.
3. Place the cooking panel from the top and reach the bottom hole. (Some are not easy to wear and can be worn under a small amount of activity.)
4. Along the auxiliary cutter slot cutter, and in the step
5 cutting. Open the box and make 49 strings!