【Awesome Value Skin Repair Pen】Fcaepos auto skin tag removal kit include 3 Skin Tag Removal Pen (Micro-Sized devices to remove 2-4mm, Medium Sized devices to remove 4-6mm, Large Sized devices to remove 6-8mm), 66x Micro Bands(2-8 mm), 10 cleansing wipes and 1 manual. Effectively removes skin tags and leaves your skin smooth and healthy.

【Safe & Painless To Get Rid Of Skin Tags】With the natural, chemical-free skin tag remover tool - the rubber bands moderate gentle tightness design, making it disappear naturally through this physical principle without pain or burning sensation.Because tags bands can reduce the skin tags blood supply, dries up the skin, which allows them to change color and naturally fall off in just 3-14 days.

【Perfect Skincare Tools For Both Genders】These skin tag eliminators can be used on tags on your face, neck, shoulders, chest, armpits, legs, and other bodily areas without damaging or irritating sensitive skin. You can safely use this kit at home, it's also suitable for all skin types.

【The Perfect Solution】Enjoying smooth, healthy-looking skin is an essential aspect tightly connected to your self-confidence. The Facepos skin tag remover is a painless and highly effective product that helps restore your skin’s beauty, helping get rid of unpleasant skin tags!

【Increased Efficiency】Our skin tag remover is made of safe, and durable ABS material, it aims at allowing you to remove skin growth at home and at any time,working on small and large (2mm to 8mm) skin tags, 6 easy steps helps you safely and gently remove skin tags without expensive spending or having to visit a skincare specialist.