Why do consumer now prefers dry herb vaporizers?

The marijuana industry has grown and evolved and the way that people consume cannabis has also changed. Society as a whole is embracing marijuana and the stigma that was attached to the herb is starting to disappear. 147 million people worldwide consume cannabis and this number is growing rapidly.

The old way of consuming that includes joints and blunts are becoming outgrown and new methods of consumption are being developed. Dry herb vaporizers, which is a device that uses an electric heating system to vape marijuana, are increasing in popularity and can be found at online stores like FOINNEX. Many users are known to have a vape for dry herbs for so many reasons, it’s no wonder they have taken the industry by storm. This article will explore more about why dry herb vaporizers are so popular.

One of the most popular reasons why dry herb vaporizers are so popular is because of the convenient factor that it provides. There are many benefits that dry herb vaporizers offer including the fact that they are portable and more convenient meaning you can smoke them any time and any place. There is also no setup involved like there would be if you are smoking a joint that requires you to crush the weed and roll it before you can start smoking.

This means that you are able to smoke your favorite herb on the go and the smoking process is a lot quicker than smoking the traditional way so it saves you a lot of time.

Another great reason why dry herb vaporizers are so popular is that they are very discreet so they will not draw much attention when you are vaping. Dry herb vaporizers are small, easy to conceal and it produces less smoke and the smoke does not carry a smell. This is great because you don’t have to worry about any smell lingering on your clothing and hair and with less smoke being produced with no smell, you can smoke indoors which is a great benefit.

It is also very quick to vape and unlike traditional smoking that takes about 5-10 minutes to finish, with vaping you simply pull out your vaporizer and have a few pulls which are great for on the go, and the fact that it produces less smoke makes it easy to use in public. Lastly, vaporizers are small so you can carry them around with you anywhere.

Less harmful than smoke
Smoking is very unhealthy and the toxins that get produced through combustion cause many smoking-related health problems. Vaping, on the other hand, uses a different heating method which makes it far less harmful than smoking. In fact, it is recommended that people who want to quit smoking, start vaping to make the transition easier.

Studies have confirmed that smoking increases your risk of developing lung cancer or upper airway cancer. Microscopic injuries to the large airways are also linked to smoking demonstrating just how unhealthy it is. On the other hand – vaping has been proven to reduce the harmful effects on the lungs that are caused by smoking because vaping does not release any toxins.

Smoking makes you lose between 15-20% of the potency of the herb whereas with vaping, the temperature produced is much lower and much more specific which makes the compounds used and preserved to their full potential, which in turn makes the vapor more pure and potent and as a bonus, you do not use as much herb. There are also vaporizers available that allow you to use THC extract which is far more concentrated and stronger.

More terpenes are activated when you vape marijuana resulting in an experience that is more flavourful. Vaping allows you to adjust the temperature which allows for more flavor and aroma when using a vaporizer. Terpenes are sensitive to heat so during combustion they get destroyed, vaping on the other end works to optimize their effects.

Dry herb vaporizers are much better than smoking the traditional way. Vaping is convenient, discreet, much healthier than traditional smoking and you can enjoy more potency and flavor when you use a vaporizer. It’s no wonder why dry herb vaporizers are growing in popularity so significantly. This is definitely the new trend.

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